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MD Matheson formed The Sales Departments in 2006 after successfully leading Beef Terminal through a decade of analogue samples and guitar based core values. The main idea behind this project is portability: making music with a computer & found sounds, without real instruments, wherever he may be. TSD could be found at home in Toronto or mixing on a plane during his travels through Thailand & China! The result: music made by computers operated by a human, reminescent of Warp Records' IDM ambient artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin & Boards of Canada, with the transposed essence of Beef Terminal's soul.

Released: October 2007

Hand-packaged and numbered, limited to 200 copies. White CDR and Arigato Pack cardboard sleeves with folder stickers.

Tracklist :

1.Taxi stand
2. Good things in store
3. Rain projections II (thru the roof)
4. In high doses
5. Delete your heart

All songs by MD Matheson c2007 socan-bmi
Recorded March-August 2007 Toronto, Thailand, China.

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